Make the most of your backyard

Seizing the ADU Opportunity

The State of California has spearheaded an important effort to address the housing shortage. Recent legislation makes building ADUs easier, faster and more affordable than ever before.

A valued opportunity for many homeowners now exists to transform their property into additional living space to best suit their needs.

Instant Appreciation and Positive Cashflow

Building an ADU will increase the overall value of your property and generate additional rental income of, on average, $24,000 annually.

Why Veev?

Exceptional Living in an ADU


Includes 12 solar panels that produce enough green energy for the ADU and can offset additional consumption from the main home.

Living walls with an exterior vertical planter technology to provide sufficient produce space to feed residents.

Modern Design

You’ll see the Veev difference before you set foot inside. Beautiful exterior and interior design and advanced materials connect modern architecture to nature.

Innovation, luxury and sustainability are readily shown in every detail. The living spaces are thoughtfully styled and furnished to complete the ambiance of the unit.

Smart Living

Veev ADU is a perfectly integrated smart home – complete with enterprise-grade wifi, built from the inside out. Aesthetically integrated touch panels replace traditional switches and simply operate lighting, window coverings, and heating and cooling.

The controls can be managed on the built-in wall panels or through the Veev App. In addition the unit is also Amazon Echo & google home compatible.


Veev ADU has a modern kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom space expertly-designed for optimum functionality and maximum storage space.  All surfaces are made from our advanced non-porous material that is hygienic, stainless, and scratchless.

Our high-performance appliance standards include dimmable LED lighting, refrigerator, induction cooktop, dual convection oven and microwave, garbage disposal and full washer and dryer.

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